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2011-01-26 12:47:27
Home Inspectors

This is a subject which really gets me going.  In Utah there are no regulations for home inspectors.  Anyone can strap on a tool belt, print up some business cards, and call himself/herself a home inspector.

Yes, there are associations which train and accredit aspiring home inspectors.  One good one is ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).

My beef is that too often an inspector doesn't find anything seriously wrong with the property and fills his report with small, nit picky items.  The buyers then feel they have to ask the seller to repair these small items or give them a dollar concession.  If a home is priced well and in good condition, the seller resents these requests.  It can be a real negotiating problem.

I wish inspectors would say in their report that these findings are minor and can be expected when you buy a home instead of making it into an issue which the buyers and their agent then take to the listing agent and seller

A case in point:  A recent home inspector of one of my listings noted that the fiberglass tub had some hairline cracks in it. Now you need to know that his is common with that type of tub and is a cosmetic issue.  Instead, the repair request given to me stated that the tub/shower was cracked and needed to be replaced.  They were requesting a concession of $1,545 for 'removing the tub, bathtub replacement and new surround for tub'.

I can assure you that we did not concede to anything about the bathroom.  Imagine if the listing agent did not stand up for the seller. 

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Home Inspectors

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