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2011-02-10 12:04:51
First Time Buyers Want More

I just read this recently released poll and it rings true in today's market.  Most of the first-time buyers I work with start by telling me they want a short sale or a foreclosure.

First I explain the difference between the two.  (If you want to know, just contact me.)  After I listen carefully to their wants and needs I begin searching.  Inevitably, after our first day looking the buyers change their parameters.  They see that they can get more than they anticipated.

I have only had one buyer wait through the months' long process of a short sale.  We may have an offer on one, but they get tired of waiting.  Who is to blame them, especially when interest rates are on the rise?  The hit 5% today.


Here is the link to the article:  http://realtor.org/RMODaily.nsf/paes/News2011020801?OpenDocument


What do YOU think?

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