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2011-02-16 11:32:52

What is happening to housing here, in my favorite area?


Millcreek has the envied position of sitting between Sugar House and Holladay.  You can enjoy the conveniences of both communities.  When I talk about Millcreek, though, I am only talking about the zip codes 84106 and 84109. 


Currently, there are 306 single family homes and condos for sale.  That is going to take 9.64 months to absorb with our current inventory and rate of sales.


The State of Utah actually decided my house was worth more this year than last, even though the market has been going down.  I appealed the assessment through the proper channels.  You would think I could certainly provide good comparables to do so.  Interestingly, I have helped every client who has appealed to get a reduction in their property taxes.  Not so for myself.  They listened to me, looked at my comps and statistics, and further agreed that one of the assessor comparables should not be used.


However, when the determination arrived by mail they simply denied me. Hmmmmmmm.

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