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2011-10-07 16:43:51

It might seem like your garage is only good for cars and out-of-season junk, but consider your garage an extra room.  With just a little bit of creativity and effort, it can become a fully functional part of your home.

Just as many basements or attics are finished, complete with heating, air conditioning and wiring, garages can be as well.  Whether you've got an extra houseguest o a surprise live-in relative, the garage can be the perfect spot to host visitors and give everyone a little extra privacy.  Invest in decorations, furniture and even carpet to keep the garage looking habitable, even when not in use.

The garage is also the perfect place for entertainment.  Incorporate fun add-ons such as a pool table, ping-pong table or even foosball.  Having people over to watch the big game?  Conovert your garage into the ultimate football haven with big-screen TV and a built-in bar in the corner.

Last, consider using your garage as a workroom or a photography or woodworking studio.  The garage also can serve as a home gym, if there's not enough room in the main home to store treadmills or a weight bench.

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